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    Opinions on Obamacare

    What do you think?

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    I like it, affordable coverage with no preexisting conditions. Less people walking in to hosptials without health coverage forcing rhe ones do have it to pay more,

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    With how things are like in the US, you guys should probably highly tax unhealthy foods if you are going to provide free healthcare.
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    Mixed feelings. The affordable healthcare act was way too lengthy for anyone to fully read it before voting.
    Too often bills like that get ramrodded without fully vetting the consequences.

    On the flip side I like the idea of making healthcare more widely accessible and affordable.

    I recently read an article about a state that was trying to pass a law requiring all hospitals to list up front pricing for all procedures that included all costs. So that as a patient I could pick where to be treated and not surprised by the bill afterwards. I love that idea. Make the hospitals and clinics compete against each other for my business.

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    I would lean less towards the Conservative side with Obamacare, it opens room with eligibility for health insurance for low-income citizens, and made it so you could have plans set regardless of past illnesses. Now with this at least 40 million Americans were allowed to make claims for insurance because how ridiculously affordable it was, but through that somebody had to make the leeway for the citizens. This of course, being through raising and adding new taxes, mostly to high earners and the healthcare industry itself. Now you could see where some controversy could arise from this. Not only that, but funding for the act meant for some serious cuts to the federal budget. And here comes in the exciting part on how Conservatives love to keep their money deep in their pockets. Well since they lost the battle to halt the passing of the original act in 2010, they attempted various appeals of the act from 2010–2013, lost a Supreme Court case in 2012, and the favoring party for its repeal lost the Presidential Election in 2012 :^). Now let's talk about provisions.

    When The Tea Party, comprising the majority of the House of Representatives, attached a provision to a spending bill that required eliminating funding for the implementation of Obamacare in order to fund the rest of the U.S. Federal Government. They found a backway to cut funding to the Act by adding a provision to a spending bill that was to be passed, but not without controversy! Congress were essentially playing a long-scale game of hot potato, throwing the bill around to each other through various processes of review and reforming of it. Then, since Congress didn't pass a law to appropriate any funds past September 30, 2013, past their midnight deadline, the Federal Government was forced to shut down. Shutdowns aren't cheap, at least $24 billion in lost economic output.


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