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    Course Changelog

    6 July '15

    • Added checkpoint/save progress system, you can use these commands:

      !save will save your current position and time so next time you die you'll respawn at the checkpoint with the saved time
      !reset will set your respawn location to the starting area
      !load will allow you to respawn at your saved checkpoint again
      !restart will teleport you to the starting area, most useful after you've completed a map

    • Disabled spawn-killers, closing spawn doors and other related entities on all maps
    • Fixed rare bug that randomly added 1 minute to a players time (hopefully)

    A few notes and caveats on the new features and changes:

    While !save will work in most places if you save a checkpoint while in a vent or other crouching spots you'll get stuck when you respawn, unfortunately there isn't a way to fix this so if you save a checkpoint in a bad spot just remember to use !reset or !restart.

    In regards to the spawn-killers and other map stuff, there ended up being about 40+ map entities that I had to individually find and disable so while I think I managed to get all of them just let me know if I missed any.

    Hopefully the server should be a lot more user-friendly and fun to play now.
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