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    Minecraft Rankings

    Owner: Pretty self-explanatory, Owner of server. Has final say on server changes unless it negatively impacts the community as a whole.
    • Everything. except having a life.:/

    Mod: A both technical and social rank, involved in play-side issues as well as back-end issues. Also help in making decisions about changes in the server or rules.
    • Access to backend files (When applicable)
    • Access to OP and other In-game commands required to manage server
    • Able to restart and stop server from within game
    • Able to warn/kick/ban players
    • Unlimited homes
    • Access to items/portions of mods that would otherwise be banned (not to be abused)

    Admin: In game admin involved in player interactions and in-game problems (where applicable). Has the power to kick/ban/set up members*.
    • Able to warn/kick/[temp]ban
    • Access to /jail command
    • Access to /whois
    • Access to /tp
    • Access to mute/smite and other in-game commands
    • Access to subscriber perks [Not donor perks]
    • Can have up to 7 homes
    • Included in server/player discussions (When applicable)

    Donator: An exclusive rank for those who have donated in excess of $100 dollars to Minecraft or consistently donates to help support Minecraft.**
    • Access to donor kit
    • Access to subscriber shop [possible future donor shop]
    • Access to /fly
    • Access to /feed
    • Access to /back
    • Can have up to 10 homes
    • Exclusive access to items/plugins (When applicable)

    Subscriber: The rank given to those who subscribe to SG (not specific to Minecraft).
    • Access to subscriber kit + substarter kit
    • Access to subscriber shop
    • Access to /feed
    • Access to /back
    • Access to /hat
    • Can have up to 5 homes

    Member: Rank received upon joining the server and signing up on the forums.
    • Access to members kit
    • Access to /tpa commands
    • Access to /Warp
    • Access to /bal and /baltop

    *Set up members is currently being worked on for Admin rank and/or automation. Stay tuned
    **Subscriber is not considered a consistent donation towards Minecraft, but rather the community as a whole.

    - Some of the things listed here are not currently enabled

    - Admin in MC is separate from SA in the community. There will be an application thread of sorts in the future

    - Kits are going to be expanded and added to in the next few weeks as the server / players progress

    If I missed something feel free to let me know. The Whitelist post made by Silent will be revamped to display the players under each rank, and for new people to post and receive their rank if no one is on at the time.
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