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    Turn "Enable Shout Style Override" into "Enable Shout Font Style Override" in CB-opt.

    Loving the new CB. Great job and all. How ever, I DO like the "Enable Shout Style Override" to not having to get spammed with different kinds of obnoxius fonts. I want really like the "Microsoft Sans Serif" and want all of the messages to be written with that font. I DO however don't want see them all in the same font COLOR as the one I chosen.

    Having different font colors makes the CB a lot easier to read, helps you seperate long messages from different users not to mention it's (at least to me) ...relaxing to your eyes. My suggestion therefore is that perhaps we could rename the "Enable Shout Style Override" into "Enable Shout Font Style Override" and make it into fonts only. Then we can perhaps, for those who STILL want to override the font colors -add "Enable Shout Font Color Override"?

    Can it be done?
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    I'm not too sure. I would imagine, yes. However I'm not sure how much time it would take to sort out.

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    *drops wise ass words*

    Seriously though, if this could be done, that would be awesome. WE BELIEVE IN YOU VIRUS!
    If all of us are the traitors? Well, in that case you may as well kiss your ass goodbye. ^-^

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