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Thread: New Server!

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    New Server!


    You need version 1.7.10 to join, for now. Launcher -->Edit profile --> Use version: 1.7.10

    Alright guys, we now have a server with 2 worlds: PlotMe creative and survival. You can get to the creative world via the portal at spawn.

    There are a bunch of new plugins, you can find the commands here:

    What was added?


    PlotMe- a plot management plugin for the creative world. This way you don't get griefed or grief others.


    Dragon Travel - Like warps except you get(have) to fly a dragon.

    Phatloots - I will place special chests around the maps. If one person empties a phatloots chest then it will still have loot for another person. I can also add a timer to it and randomized loot. Also works with mobs.

    Holographic Displays - This is good for me, I don't have to make tens of signs. Also accepts 100x100 images.

    Grand Exchange - The free market will fix it.

    CoreProtect- I was almost not going to list this just to have a griefer spend 15 minutes fucking up the server in order for me fix it in 10 seconds. Here is anyways

    Trails - Some cool trails for Supporter and higher.

    Also the other basics: economy, factions and McMMO ( the stuff we already had). If I remember anything else then I will let you know. Then there are also a bunch of other plugins for automated messages and votifier listeners n stuff but you don't need to know about those.

    How do I give you money and what do I get?

    I am glad you asked, read this:

    Here is a map, spawn is actually located at the south part of Eldaria. I will fix that map some day... maybe.

    If you find any bugs then let me know. The server might crash, this is why I am letting you guys do a test run before I do any events.
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    Thanks for your work, Silent :D
    Now lets get this serv populated!

    I must also say, this world map looks AMAZING
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    Thanks for the server. I'll check it out :D

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    So, not to be a douche or anything but are we, and if so when, upgrading to the 1.8 update? I know you have to wait for plugins to update and other server stuff,but there is no rush.

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    Good work silent!

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