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Thread: Perp?

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    The title. Yes, it's a lot of work, I know.

    Yes, it needs a huge player base and no we're not exactly a super cereal RP community.

    Yes it would take a license otherwise Pulsar Effect would rape us for using their "copywritten gamemode" without paying for a license (which I believe somebody has.) Although I do have the files for it.

    Yes it'd prob get DDoS'd and crashed lot because people are trolls and there's no way to stop it besides having a constant group of staff on the server to maintain it.

    Yes depending on how many addons it has, it could take a shit load of time to DL but then again most RP players already have most of the addons used on Perp servers.

    Finally yes I realize most versions of Perp are fucked up worse than Morbus (thank you Psyche for somewhat fixing it and making it work.) but maybe someone here is well versed in Lua?

    Anyways, word on the street is a bunch of people would like to see Perp make a comeback here. I think it'd be kinda cool to have because of 1) if it's not a piece of shit it can get pretty populated (seen some with like 75/100 players) and 2) some of the newer addons I've seen on a couple other servers are pretty sweet (I.e a custom phone with several features like a built-in browser, custom keys that have our logo on them etc.) All the cars and extra bullshit though aren't absolutely necessary to have though. (IMO I don't think it's necessary to have 1TB of TDM/SCars/anyothercarpack on.)

    Probably going to be turned down again, but what the hell, it's worth a shot especially if we got a BuildRP server.

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    Sarry, but... The hell is Perp? D:

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    PERP is a fun game mode, but, it takes a lot of resources. Not just server side but admins too. Plus, at times it is just a pain in the ass to watch everyone and play.
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    A bit more detail for those who don't wanna look for it.

    Overall, it seems interesting enough to me. Although I can't really say as I don't boot up GMod lately enough.

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    I would love to play on a perp sg server, and if we have the resources and other required stuff i would love to try one for sg.
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    We used to have one, It used to run great. Almost Full server all the time, at that time we had perp 3, while everyone else was stuck at 2.5. I say we can try it once more. But on the downside, build rp will be empty because perp>buildrp
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    Quote Originally Posted by LoneWolf View Post
    We used to have one, It just to run great.
    Yes, but back then we had a SECOND dedi, entirely dedicated only for running PERP on it. Perp is a MASSIVELY resource consuming motherfucking gamemode. It's simply not anything you guys would be able to install on the current dedi, unless you want to cause a massive lag-fest for all of the remaining servers.

    Quote Originally Posted by Spyder
    Although I do have the files for it...
    Quote Originally Posted by Spyder
    Probably going to be turned down again, but what the hell, it's worth a shot especially if we got a BuildRP server.
    I am not saying that I'm against perp. But since gmod13 was released, perp have been even more broken than before that. So besides the need of a new dedi, you have some SERIOUS repairing to do on the code. So if you guys will do this, I'd suggest you do this 100%, because perp is not something you want to give up on, due to the hefty amount of work it takes, and the resource-demands.

    Tl;dr - Good luck, I support it, but I am not sure you guys realise what you would be getting in to.

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    yes pls

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    Yeah, i'd take it 1000 times over BuildRP

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