On the map ttt_orange_v7, you are rewarded 3 traitor knives if you finish a minigame.

To do so to test:
1. Find a small cylinder-like prop made by the map maker (clear glass in the middle, top shelf in the library)
1. b. there is also a hidden switch that leads to a room (no purpose yet found)
2.Go to the other side of the map to find a rectangle hole in the wall and place the device
3. Wooden wall beside you breaks
4. Enter the checkerboard room and survive
5. If you win (it took us a server full of people the first time), you are teleported to a hidden room on top of the map with 3 knives.
6. you can bring them/come down through the vents

It did take multiple attempts with the server to win the little minigame for it was easy to die and ts can prevent during the process. I'm "exploiting" this map bonus for a number of people already know it and sooner or later more would find out. Do we still keep the map? :o It is possible that one person alone can survive and offer the knives to the Ds.

There are 2 other rooms, one kills you slowly and the other seems to have no purpose; except extra space.

Also the area with the knives can probably be exploited with the human ladder.