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    Spr00ktheNurd's Sound Issues

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    Sound Issues
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    Windows 7
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    Norton Internet Security
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    Logitech Stereo Headset H110
    Please state your problem here
    Alright so today when I load csgo the game sounded different(I didn't play I just checked something). At first I just thought it was an update so I didn't question it. When I loaded CSS it sounded different as well. I did it a couple of times and it was the same. I restarted my PC to see if it helps. My problem is that audio is extremely low for some reason. When I try to watch youtube videos I can barely hear what people are saying, even the both PC and youtube volume at max. I went on my audio manager and tested if it did the same on there but it didn't. I played some sounds on it and it was working fine. I honestly don't know what is doing this, I didn't install any new programs or anything. I didn't change the settings of anything.

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    Did you try to use something else than your headset? Some speakers, another headset.. anything really.

    And for god's sake get rid of that Norton piece of shit, was proven shitty in your last thread and you still have it ._.
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    Your computer just sucks

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