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Thread: DarkRP?

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    "Wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by men. It is the spirit of men who follow and of the man who leads that gains the victory."

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    The thread hadn't been touched since September.

    Y U DO DIS.
    If all of us are the traitors? Well, in that case you may as well kiss your ass goodbye. ^-^

    Quote Originally Posted by Nuclear Onion View Post

    Quote Originally Posted by BoM
    2. This team gives you no extra power or extensive say in the community. You'll get over it.
    steve27 : when will I get my admin
    supaaa. : never
    *ExRev lols*
    Quote Originally Posted by TheVirus View Post
    You're a dipshit and we are currently at our limit for those. When a slot opens up, we'll let you know. Now, please, go tell someone who gives a shit, because we sure don't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WoLF View Post
    It dies because you never add new stuff cause they are to lazy to mantain a server daily with new updates everyday that can make people feel actracted to it
    I doubt you were even here when I had it set up, because I remember me adding custom stuff to the server.

    Anyways, will probably never happen in SG anymore. (At least DarkRP).

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