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    Guidelines [READ BEFORE POSTING]


    1. Please do not suggest unfinished maps. We have a section for discussing works in progress, here. Please test your work, have people test it, iron everything out before you suggest your map. If you want test a beta version out on our servers then do not make a request, contact an AO+ instead.

    If your suggestion gets voted down then go back the the drawing board.

    2. If your map request is being ignored then send a PM to the person responsible for that server. If you don't get a response then try contacting other AO+.

    3. Make sure that the map is of reasonable size and will not take too long to download. If your map is 250 MB then it better have some great content. The content has to justify the size.

    4. Please do not add several maps into one suggestion/removal request.

    By suggesting maps to be added/removed, you help us have fresh and quality content for our servers. Thank you!

    A great place to find maps for SG:
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