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    Map made for 66 tick erver
    A server I played it on had some fucked up addons which caused rotating things to slow down. Works fine on majority of servers.

    About The Map
    This is a brand new type of multigame map consisting of 16 newly built maps;

    • Iceskate
    • Scoutsknives
    • Jumper
    • Backstab (Knife Arena)
    • Darkness (Spotlights)
    • Grenade War
    • Iceskate
    • Illusion
    • Dodgeball
    • Smokewars
    • Headshot
    • Conveyor
    • Speed + HP
    • Breakwall
    • Elevator (Bonus, should have been in mg_pauls_multigames_v2)
    • Shotgun
    • Touch Door

    Screenshooooooots mateeeeeeee;



    Use your scout and knife to kill the opposting team?

    Knife Arena

    Backstabs only work on this one, until 60 seconds into the round, as the heal trigger will be disabled.

    Grenade War

    Pretty simple map, get a grenade from one of the 8 dispensers and kill the opposing team. The holes in the doors toggle on and off randomly.


    Dodge the moving blade. If you surive for one minute the glass wall will break and you will be able to knife it out.


    Just normal iceskate in a ice hockey ring. Afk killer active after 12 seconds.


    8 walls filled with "func_illusionary" doors. Kill the other team by ninja'ing through the doors. (Deagles given)


    Kill the other team by knifing dodgeballs at them. Warning: you can team kill in this map so be careful. After 60 seconds the middle line will be passable to finish the team off with knifes.


    Everyone has 1hp and smoke grenades. Kill the other team, simple.


    Thanks to lunar kirby for this idea. Everyone gets a deagle and must kill the opposing team. There is a healing trigger in the map so headshots will only work, unless you multi attack one player.


    Conveyors around the map, a few obsticles in the middle also with some grenade spawns.

    Speed + 300HP

    Everyone has a M4A1, a knife, 300HP and 2.5 x normal speed. They must eliminate the other team.


    3 layers of breakwalls for you to use to your advantage. Get through the wall to kill the other team.


    A map that was supposed to be in mg_pauls_multigames_v2. However due to too many triggers in that map it was buggy, so here it is. Make your way up the elevator by going through all the holes. It goes up and down tiwce, last one standing wins. (Kind of slow tbh)


    Pump shotgun round with a deagle box style layout.

    Touch Door

    A set of doors that move up and down on touch. Afk killer active after 12 seconds.

    Darkness (Spotlights)

    In this map you have to pick up a knife(with a blackout box around it and a spotlight with your team color on it). You have to kill the other team by shooting below where the spotlights are. Theres a minimap of the inside black room on the door outside.

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    Thank god you took sumo off

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    Great job! Really really impressed with this map!

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