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    GMOD TTT Server & Rules


    Server Rules

    - Respect admins and other players or get banned!!!!
    - No spamming of any kind (voice or chat)
    - No racism of any kind will be tolerated (including racist names/sprays)
    - No advertising other servers or clans
    - More rules to come..............

    TTT Specific Rules

    1. Strictly no RDM. Proof must be provided when killing traitors.
    2. Do not claim areas unless you are in danger.
    3. Detectives can give orders within reason but no suiciding requests.
    4. Do not TK with props unless you have permission from the other person as an innocent.
    5. Detectives do not have the right to force people into testing chambers without good reason.
    6. Do not have a name which cannot be pronounced, subject to Admin discretion. (Invisible names or foreign characters.)
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