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    Resident Evil 5 Review+New DLC Review

    Well you might have already played RE5 and completed the hole game more than 5-10 times
    and i already know they already made a review about this game.

    But this is both my review for Resident Evil 5 and the new DLC that came out just a couple of days now.

    So here it is my 2 Reviews on RE5+DLC.

    You're a Former police from S.T.A.R.S.,Chris Redfield, you are deployed to capture Ricardo Irving for Terrorist acts from what he has done and threaten to do. But before you go to capture Irving you are introduce to Chirs' partner Sheva Alomar a former BSAA recruit who has been assign to assist you to capture Irving. As you go further in the game you discover that civilians have been infected what is the same thing as the Kennedy Report for Las Plagas. As later discovered in-game you then start to notice that it was part of Umbrella and Tricell from the Terrorist threats. As you introduce to other characters,Albert Weskers,Ricardo Irving(of course), Excella Gionne, and a mystery's character in game as they are all part of the Terrorist threat on destroying the world.

    Gameplay is great but first lets talk about the controllers.
    As you all know(if u played the demo) that u can use UP,DOWN,LEFT, or RIGHT to change to your weapons automatically instead on pressing the inventory button and select the gun.
    The movement of the controllers are kinda hard to get the hang on,after u play for the first time it is kinda hard to handle them and how to move around, look, or aim your gun to shoot enemies it is not that easy to get the hang on but after a few runs with it you will get the hang on it.
    Now lets talk about graphics.
    Well of course not much to say that graphics are amazing,water effects are good,blood spilled are great too,and the character models are great too even if you have the unlocked customs.
    As for the other stuff like upgrading your weapons, getting ammo, bonus points to unlock infinity ammo(only available after finishing the hole game) it is good thing to add but i kinda wish that they had given us more slots to put on just like RE4.

    As for the online it is great, its really great when u are playing with one friend trying to finish it or replaying it,or to meet new players.

    As for coop its really great, every time you pick up ammo u wont share or gold u both get the same amount of gold but u both still get gold even tho your partner is far away you still get some.Ammo is great but i just wished that on the inventory you can gather the same ammo all at once in one slot instead of increasing and not having room just in case for herbs.

    Its really great to play online and you will still get bonus points for how many you kill.
    The bad thing is that sometimes there are some people who just want work by themselves and they die and blame it on you just for not partnering up together earlier ago.

    But anyways that is my short review on RE5 i give it 9.0/10(without the DLC)

    RE5 DLC Review

    Well as you know the DLC came out for quiet some time and it is great fun.2 new challenges for Online(multiplayer)
    Which I will explain.

    Survivors+Team Survivors:

    Survivors/Team Survivors is whoever kills the most players wins which is quiet nice but after u kill someone else than the online players they wont give you points this is really disappointing since its not that much fun.Team Survivors is the same but in 2v2 challenge.

    Slayers+Team Slayers:

    This version is really fun,its the same with Survivors but every time u kill a Maji you get points,and every time u kill a player you still get points the same with Team Slayers execpt more points the better.

    Slayers version is really fun,fun time to play against other people.
    As for Survivors version it is really not that great it gets boring after a minute or 3.

    But i give this DLC a 8.5/10

    Overall the game+DLC score is:


    Great story,gameplay,and online to play with other players.

    My next review will be on Metal Gear Solid 4(Remake review)

    I hope this is some helpful advice on both RE5 and DLC for the game.

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    Nice, I was looking for some input on the DLC, I might get it now.

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    DLC=$$ right???? If so that's lame.

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    Wait for it guys, the DLC will become free after many complaints.

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