Steam Gamers Servers
Zombie Escape - Server Maintained by Pan32 and Paul.
Zombie Escape is simply a dedicated escape server that only runs escape maps. The server has become more popular than any of our others and now has a solid map rotation of escape maps. If you’re not a subscriber it can be hard to get on the server during prime time since it is always full.

Jail Break - Server Maintained by BoM and Nuclear Onion.
Jail Break is role play mod where the CT's are the guards and the T's are the prisoners. The Guards order the prisoners around but if the T's follow orders and do not attack the guards they cannot shoot the prisoners. The prisoner's goal is to riot and take control of the prison by killing every CT.

MiniGames - Server Maintained by Bread and Paul.
MiniGames is a series of fun maps that can provide some good laughs. We run strictly multigames maps on this server. Every map has a unique idea that makes playing CS:GO new and interesting.

10v10 Casual - Server Maintained by Pan32, Dirk, and Paul.
Casual is a server that runs de_dust 24/7. Great for when you don't feel like playing competitive and ALL PLAYERS have access to custom knifes and weapon paints, so go join and get an AWP Dragon Lore right now!

Course Server - Server Maintained by Bread.
Course is a server that runs only course "minigames" maps.

1v1 Multi Arena Server - Server Maintained by Bread and Nuclear Onion.
1v1 Multi Arena is a server where you constantly go into 1v1 duels with other players. For example, if there are 10 players in the server then you can get matched against anyone. Rounds last no longer than 25 seconds before the next 1v1 round.

Trouble In Terrorist Town - Server Maintained by Dirk and Nuclear Onion.
Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT) is a gamemode that tests your awareness and trust. Players are divided up into three different groups: Innocent, Detective, and Traitor. The Innocents & Detectives need to figure out who the Traitors are, while the Traitors task is to kill all Innocents and Detectives.

MineCraft - Server Maintained by SpikedRocker, BoM, and Pan32.
Minecraft is a game where you mine and craft. Enjoy.

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