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  • Forum Updates


    Spike and I have spent the the last 2 hours tonight and about 12 hours last Sunday making some improvements to the forum. Three neat, new features have been added.

    1. Steam Account Linking Plugin
    You can now attach your forum account to your Steam account. Click the button on the top right of the forum to do this, and you can disable this feature for yourself at any time you wish. Linking your account will change your forum profile picture to the picture you have currently on Steam. If your picture is inappropriate, I'll warn you ahead of time not to link your account. Custom profile pictures that are uploaded to the forum will no longer show.

    2. Steam Account Display Status
    If someone's Steam account is linked to the forum, you can also view their Steam profile status in posts that they make. From that small box, you can add them to your friends list, and view their groups/friends/games, etc. See mine to the right as an example.

    3. vB CMS
    The homepage of the forum is a tad different now as well, since we changed the plugin used to display it. This change gives us more features to use in the future, one of which is currently in the works and will be announced when finished.

    We hope you like the changes you see. There will be more to come in the future, so stay tuned!