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  • [SG Raffle] NOW LIVE!

    We are happy to announce the latest plugin addition to our CS:GO servers, the [SG Raffle]!

    What is this?

    Every X amount of weeks Steamgamers will be running a CS:GO weapon skins raffle which will run exclusively in our CS:GO servers. Players will be rewarded for spending time in our CS:GO servers by being given a currency called 'Raffle Points' for every minute they spend in the server. This can then be used to purchase tickets into the raffle (providing that a raffle is open) for a chance to win a list of prizes which can be seen either on the forums or in the in-game plugin menu.

    To find out more visit the [SG Raffle] section on the forums.

    Please show your appreciation to @MPQC who has spent countless hours creating and testing this plugin for us!

    Have fun and good luck to all those who enter the raffle!