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  • Relaunch of Minecraft Feed The Beast Infinity...Soon

    We are excited to tease you with a little bit of what we got going on with our big update to FTB Infinity 1.7.

    We had to reset the world to accomodate the upgrade from our old 1.4.2 server to the top of the line 1.7.

    So if you haven't played minecraft in a while or are looking to start playing, this is the time to get on board.

    We are almost done with all our pre-launch setups.

    We do not have a firm date of when we are officially done setting it up yet, but we know its close to being ready.

    So if you haven't yet make sure you've updated your Minecraft Mod to FTB Infinity 1.7 so you'll be ready at the dawn of our launch.