• Killing Floor 2 Update Incoming!

    The above video is from E3 and shows what this next update is all about, but we have more details about what the update will have.

    The big part of the update is the addition of Firebug and Demolitions to the perk list. So one of the more popular perks is finally coming to the early access game.

    The weapon perks for the two perks are listed here:
    • Tier 1 Caulk 'N Burn - Get close and personal to burn its face off (short ranged flamethrower?)
    • Tier 2 Trench Gun - Incendiary rounds.
    • Tier 3 Flamethrower - The classic roaster.
    • Grenade modification - Molotov.

    • Tier 2 - C4
    • Tier 4 - RPG 7

    I think enough content has been added to get me to come back since its release, so come find me and lets kill zeds together!
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    1. Zsoki's Avatar
      Zsoki -
      Does that mean people will play with me now? PLS!
    1. James's Avatar
      James -
      No Sharpshooter perk yet? Demo looks fun though!
    1. SpikedRocker's Avatar
      SpikedRocker -
      Quote Originally Posted by Zsoki View Post
      Does that mean people will play with me now? PLS!
      Hit me up on steam and we'll play!