• Batman Arkham Knight Release Trailer

    Well the time is finally here. The last in the Arkham story arc of Batman. A whole lot has lead up to this moment. So lets re-cap a bit.

    First we started with Batman Arkham Asylum. This is a bit sentimental for me. This game was the first game I bought on Steam full price. It was shortly after their first summer sale and I played the demo and was hooked from that moment onward. In Asylum, the Joker orchestrated a huge takeover of Arkham Island to have a plan to finally make Batman lose control and become just like him. We saw and interacted with many of the characters famous in the Batman Universe. This game is realitively simple compared to its sequel and prequel, but it had to be. It introduced a unique combat system and a puzzle aspect using gadgets from which Batman wouldn't be Batman without. Arkham Asylum is still to this day one of my favorite games of all time.

    Next we come to the first sequel, Batman Arkham City. I initially was hesitant to this game's location and believably, however, I overcame that quickly with the introduction sequence. Even though the introduction sequence was highly scripted, it did not set the tone for the game at all. The city was truly open world where after you became Batman, you had freedom to do whatever you wanted to do. The introduction of a second playable character, Catwoman, added another degree of depth to the story. The story included so many Batman villains that you needed to defeat it was truly a whirlwind ride to get to the ending, I won't spoil it because its that good (plus if you wanted to you can easily find it). The ending of Arkham City was one of my favorite endings to a game ever. Simply put, it was the right way to do it.

    Our next stop takes us to the little respected Batman Arkham Origins. Due to a few cast changes after City ended, Rocksteady decided not to do the next chapter and let someone else have a crack at the world they build. Many people trashed Origins, but through its flaws there was a unique view of Batman. The story took place shortly after Bruce Wayne took on the alter-ego Batman to fight crime and Black Mask put a bounty on his head on Christmas Eve. Half the villains in this game are the obscure ones but some of the most important ones to the character of Batman. There were a few continuity issues that I accept really didn't help the story, but for the game, I think they made the right decision of breaking continuity. While it wasn't my favorite, Origins was probably the most challenging for me.

    I'll skip over the 2.5D side scroller Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate, I still haven't finished it, mostly because I think the developers didn't either.

    Now to the moment and the game we are all talking about today. Batman Arkham Knight. This game will put a cornerstone in the Arkham story arc. It will pull all the villains together (again), to finally end the Bat. We get to actually drive the Batmobile, have cooperative fights with our allies and the Batmobile, we get to rocket jump in the Batmobile. Did I mention the Batmobile? Anyway, it seems that the main villain will be Scarecrow leading Harley Quinn, The Riddler, Penguin, Poison Ivy and Two Face.

    If you've watched the above video, do so now as from here on out I'll be talking about it.

    The trailer shows us all the same things we've seen in previous videos, but a few new things showed up. First, Muse doing a song? Dunno what that is all about. Second, it looks like at some point we end up fighting robots that look like they belong in Borderlands. And last and probably most important the tone of the trailer. Death. I wonder how the game will end, hope its at least an 8 hour experience, fingers crossed for more. Sucks PC users won't get a proper review probably until the end of the week but its Batman Arkham, nuff said. I'll try to conduct my own review by the end of the week but most likely won't hit till the weekend.