• Steam Summer Sale Breakdown

    Well as we all know the Summer Sale has started. Now if this is your first Steam sale, you may find yourself a bit overwhelmed with all the pretty green sale logo's flying around and not sure what to buy. Well, my friend, this is not my first rodeo when it comes to sales. As my near 700 game library can attest to, I buy a ton of games and probably 90% of them are on a sale of some sort.

    So here's how you should approach if you should buy the game now or wait.

    #1. Is it a daily deal? Buy Now. This is the lowest sale price it will be. So need to wait to see if goes lower.
    #2. Is it a flash deal? If you really want this game, probably get it now. There are a few instances where flash deals become daily deals, but they have been far to few and the difference in the sale was 5-10%.
    #3. Is it part of the community unlock deal? These games will probably not be involved in either of the daily or flash deals. So buy now.

    What if my game has a sale price on it but is not one of the above? Well the answer is wait. Most of Steam's catalog goes on some sort of sale from start to finish. Some games will get the daily/flash/community deals at some point which would be at a bigger discount.

    This year they added a minigame to help get deals instead of voting. So have fun playing that, at least get it started at least once to participate and help the community get the goal deals.