• Steam Hardware is Coming!!!

    After 2 years of waiting, we are one step closer to a long awaited reality. Valve has announced the date of when Steam Hardware will be available and you can buy it now and get it early!

    Check out this video on the Steam Controller:

    Stuff you can buy now and you could get it as soon as October 16th when the first wave of products go out are the Steam Controller $50, Steam Link $50 and 2 different Steam Boxes starting at $500.

    The Steam Controller is pretty self explanatory. Its a freaking controller built by Valve to specifically operate the Steam software. Duh.

    The Steam Link is the basic of the basic when it comes the Steam Home Gaming system. It basically sets up a remote to your desktop through your network. There is a place for it to be wired into the network but also will work wirelessly. There is some concern that there would be latency issues in the control, so its yet to be determined if that is truly a problem.

    The two Steam Boxes available are the Alienware one, which will be available at GameStop locations, and the Syber, which is available only online at the moment. The Steam Boxes are essentially mini-PC's that have high end components. The base is at $500 but goes up to $750 for the Alienware boxes and $1420 for the Syber boxes. I do believe the Alienware boxes will not be upgradable, but I believe Syber you can upgrade memory and storage after you buy it. The Steam Boxes will have Steam OS installed on them and I doubt you can partisan the drive.

    So if you are interested in more go visit here: http://store.steampowered.com/hardware
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    1. Labarr's Avatar
      Labarr -
      I feel like this is going to be a big bust for Steam ;<
    1. Wawa's Avatar
      Wawa -
      Bust is not in Gaben's vocabulary, sir.