• Welcome to SteamGamers
    Here at SteamGamers, we're a family, everyone knows each other and if you don't, you'll be introduced real quick. Our community is build around the players - our aim is to have fun and not take things to seriously, but while still having some competitive edge here and there. You'll quickly find yourself at home when you game with us, whether you're goofing off with people on the servers, talking to them on the forums or chatting up in TeamSpeak. That's our key to success. At SteamGamers, everyone is welcome.
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  • Website Update!!!

    You might have noticed we've added a few new pages to the home page. A bunch of it is still under construction but we'll have some new content for you guys to digest.

    We could use some help with it, check out this thread for more information: http://www.steamgamers.com/forum/sho...61200&p=741064

    The Game Reviews, will be user submitted game reviews.
    The Game News is added by selected people, more details will come on this.
    Newsletter is going to be similar to the game news, but will deal with SG related stuff
    The Scrim Tourney Page will be all easily accessible information on the tournament.

    So enjoy the new content!