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    by Published on 30 May 2015 08:28pm

    Here is how the Round Robin play of our Tournament will be working. Each team will play 2 different games, one as the home team and then the away.

    Week 1:
    SG Badmins - Team Peanut Daycare
    lil shits - Team Cakes
    Bring Back Dan - Try Hard

    Week 2:
    lil shits - Bring Back Dan
    Team Peanut Daycare - Team Cakes
    SG Badmins - Try Hard

    Week 3:
    SG Badmins - Team Cakes
    lil shits - Try Hard
    Bring Back Dan - Team Peanut Daycare

    Week 4:
    Team Peanut Daycare - Try Hard
    Bring Back Dan - Team Cakes
    SG Badmins - lil shits

    Week 5:
    SG Badmins - Bring Back Dan
    lil shits - Team Peanut Daycare
    Team Cakes - Try Hard

    If there are any issues with scheduling please let myself or BlackEagle know immediatly.

    At the end of the Round Robin we will hold an elimination tournament with seedings based of results of the round robin.
    by Published on 31 May 2015 12:22am

    -Each team will play 2 matches against another team. So a total of 10 games will be played.
    -You will play one "home" game and one "away" game. One map is considered a game.
    -A MINIMUM of 2 games has to be played within a week. You may play more than 2 games in a week.
    -We are going to have an outlined schedule but for the sake of timing you may play the same team back-to-back even though they aren't listed as your next opponent.
    -After the completion of the 10 games we will design a bracket based off the standings.
    -The captains (or designated captain if the original captain chooses to have a different one) MUST schedule their own times for the matches within the 7 day time frame. Since we are starting most likely on a Monday you have until that following Monday to complete 2 matches.
    -We will have a page with all of this information, once you organize a scheduled time for your match please notify us so we can adjust the schedule to include your time to prevent conflicting matches since we are playing on a single server.

    Home & Away:
    -As noted we will have "home" and "away" matches. You will play each team as the "home" team and as the "away" team.
    -Away matches are designated as "@ Team Cakes" (just an example) on the schedule.
    -When you are the HOME team you have a choice:

    1. Choose the side (CT or T) on the map chosen.
    2. Choose the final map choice between two choices.

    -We have a total of 9 maps on the rotation as shown below:
    Dust2 (team1)
    Mirage (team2)
    Inferno (team1)
    Nuke (team2)
    Overpass (team1)
    Cache (team2)
    Cobblestone (team1)

    -The map will be chosen by each team taking turns and eliminating maps they DO NOT want to play. This will go until there are 2 maps left in which the team that is choosing the map has the choice between the 2 maps.

    -This process is really not complicated but since I know it sounds confusing and I will receive 30,000 questions about it here is an example:

    Team1 (HOME) versus Team2 (AWAY)
    -Team 1 decides they want to choose the side on the map chosen (option 1 above).
    -Team 1 has first choice of map they do not want to play.
    -Team 2 then eliminates a map, then back to Team 1 and so on until there are just 2 maps remaining.
    -As shown above now team 2 has the option of either playing train or season.
    -Once the map is chosen Team 1 now can choose the side they want to play.
    -So as a general rule: whomever is deciding the SIDE chooses the first map to not be played.

    Various Rules
    -First of all these may be updated over time to include overlooked rules so keep checking back for updates.
    -Rule #1 - HAVE FUN! I cannot stress enough that this is not ESEA. This is a fun event for the community to get excited about. If you suck like me or your team sucks then get over it and just have fun. Don't screw over your team that may be actually trying (who does that anyway) and be an ass. Give it your best but this all for bragging rights.
    -General CS:GO comp. rules apply. 15 round half, 2 minute round time, etc.
    -Obviously no cheating, exploiting, glitching, etc. If found doing any of these you and potentially your team will be removed from the event and probably banned from SG.
    -When starting your match you MUST record a demo at all times. This way if we have a situation where someone feels another player is cheating we just request the demo from you. It would be ideal to label the demos for easy recovery.

    To record a demo, simply open your console and type "record demonamehere" and you're done.

    -If you feel that someone is cheating, continue playing until the match is complete and notify either myself or Spiked and we will handle the situation.
    -If you are found to be using an illegal substitute, such as someone logging on with a name that resembles one of your teammates but is actually someone else your entire team will be removed completely.
    -Screenshots and scores must be reported after the completion of each event by the teams captain or replacement captain if the captain cannot be in attendance.