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14 Jul 2015, 10:39am
DISCLAIMER: This guide is 100% my own words and has not been copied from other guides.

What is 1v1 Multi Arena?

1v1 Multi Arena is a CS:GO Sourcemod plugin created by splewis in May 2014 that pits players against each other in separate 1v1 arenas. The arenas are set up in a ladder-type system and are ranked in ascending order, with the top arena being Arena 1. The goal is to eliminate your opponent in order to move up to the next arena, otherwise you will move down to the previous arena if your opponent eliminates you first. Eliminating your opponent in Arena 1 is how you earn a ‘win’. The player with the most wins at the end of the map is crowned the winner!

How Does It Work?

Players are initially placed in arenas on a first-come-first-serve basis. This means that players who are connecting to the server during a map change will need to join any team as quickly as possible in order to claim the top arenas. Once two players have joined a team, the game will restart and a warmup round will take place; during this time, all other players will not be able to join a team just yet. The warmup round ends once a single elimination takes place in any arena, and then all players will be placed in the remaining arenas. Players who reconnect or join the server late will be placed in the bottom-most arena.

Every map has a 12 minute time duration (unless voted to extend), and every round has a 25 second time limit. If time expires before an elimination takes place, the CT will advance and the Terrorist will move down by default. CTs will always be players who have either just successfully defended their position in Arena 1 or have just moved down after being eliminated in the previous round, and Terrorists will always be players who have just moved up after eliminating their opponent in the previous round.

Each arena will have one of four round types: Awp, rifle, pistol, and knife. These round types are dependent on each player’s gun preferences which are prompted as soon as a player joins a team. Gun preferences allow players to choose a rifle to use, choose a pistol to use, either ban or allow each round type with the exception of rifles, select a round type preference, and ban or allow the use of flash bangs. A round type will only be played if both players facing off in an arena allowed it in their gun preferences. Rifles will be the default selection if both players do not have the other round types allowed. Pistols are currently present during awp and rifle rounds.

How Do I Play?

Join the server and select any team; it does not matter which team you select because you will be switched each round by the arena ladder system. Upon joining, you will be prompted to select your gun preferences. Choose your favorite rifle and pistol to use in the arena, and then choose which round types to allow or ban. For example, if you want to use the pistol but can’t stand using the awp, then make the selections to allow pistol rounds and ban awp rounds. After choosing round types, you can select a round type that you prefer to play, which will increase the frequency for that round type to be played. Finally, you can either allow or ban flash bangs. If both players in an arena allow flash bangs, they will be available to use during any round type. Gun preferences can always be changed by simply typing ‘guns’ in chat.

Also upon joining, you will be placed in the bottom-most arena, aka the bottom of the ladder. An opponent may or may not be available in this arena depending if the server has an odd number of players joined, but you will automatically advance at the end of the round if no opponent is present. In order to work your way up the ladder to be placed in Arena 1, you will need to eliminate your opponent in each arena on the ladder. Each arena during this process will have different round types based on the gun preferences of both players, so be prepared for anything!

Why Should I Play?

1v1 Multi Arena is a great game mode for players who are looking to test their rifle, pistol, awp, and knife skills in a fast-paced gaming experience. Each map spawns both players opposite to each other and has various obstacles, objects, vantage points, choke points, and angles which are placed between the players. This paintball-like environment allows them to focus on their aiming techniques while finding ways to out-maneuver their opponent throughout the map.

This game mode is also excellent for time-strapped players who just want to jump in the action for a little bit to test their aim and weapon skills. The 25 second round time limits provide a satisfying constraint to players who do not want to wait very long for the next round.

Competitive players will find value in this game mode for situation-based maps like am_banana, am_dust2_cat, and am_inferno_mid. These maps allow competitive players to practice their aim using angles in situations that would arise in competitive matches.

How Flexible Is The Plugin?

The plugin itself can be modified to make changes to the round types. Two popular modifications include adding a Scout round type and disabling pistols on awp and/or rifle rounds. More information on this plugin’s flexibility can be found here: https://github.com/splewis/csgo-multi-1v1/blob/master/README.md

What Else Should I Know?

Another way of earning a win is to be the very first player who joins a team after a map change. Once a second player joins a team, the warmup will start and the first player will earn the win. Being the first player to eliminate your opponent during the warmup round will also grant a win. Once the game officially starts, the only way to earn wins is to eliminate your opponent in Arena 1.

Thank you for reading my 1v1 Multi Arena guide and I hope you enjoy playing this very fun and addicting game mode!