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13 Jul 2015, 08:52am
So there's three things i want to trade / get!

1. I have 3 Falchion keys but no cases, does anyone have some cases i can get or trade for other cases?
2. I looking for the "Music Kit | Daniel Sadowski, Total Domination" can anyone who have one give me a good deal on one.
3. I have a Field-Tested ★ Huntsman Knife | Crimson Web i dont want, i much rather want a butterfly knife.
The knife has 2 big webs and 4 small ones and is worth about $124 and up, so i'm looking for a knife around that price.

13 Jul 2015, 09:16am
1.They're pretty cheap on the market, you can buy them there
2.It goes on the market (http://steamcommunity.com/market/listings/730/Music%20Kit%20%7C%20Daniel%20Sadowski%2C%20Total%2 0Domination) for 4 dollars, the offer goes for 7 so you save money.
3. Honestly people usually buy knives for 60-70% now, as you can see in CSGOSHOP (http://csgoshop.com/listings/huntsman-knife-crimson-web-field-tested), it goes for 85 dollars, and for the 2 webs idk about those maybe like a 5 dollar increase?

Also you spelled item wrong in your thread title.

13 Jul 2015, 09:41am
I have like less than a dollar in my wallet so i want to try and trade so i dont have to add more funds to my wallet.
I was told the knife was worth around 124 by a well known norwegian esport player, so i have no idea whether this is correct or not. The prices is ofc different, in Norwegian KR my knife goes for $109 on the market. Maybe i need to find a Norwegian to trade with since items seem to be a bit cheaper in the states.

13 Jul 2015, 09:50am
Well you could get the cases from someone for free, but for the music kit, you're going to have to get it for free because people would most likely sell it for 1 key or 2 and you have insufficient funds for what it seems. The knife itself is around 100 dollars in the market, but now since people could go on websites and buy them for 60-80% market price, people would just go with that.

15 Jul 2015, 03:13am
free cases:
updated 2015.07.17
4x chroma 2
3x phoenix
1x breakout

contact me on steam for trade. would prefer if only people that want to open them (like right now) ask for them.

floffypus if I get a falcon case ill send you a pm on steam.