View Full Version : Minecraft Meeting tomorrow at 6:30 PM EST

25 Jun 2015, 11:28pm
Got quite a few things to go over with both the members and admins of Minecraft.....basically all who are interested.

So TS meeting at 6:30 PM EST Friday 6/26

Feel free to post if you're attending

26 Jun 2015, 12:56am
I guess I can make it since it's TS only.

Extreme Potatoes
26 Jun 2015, 12:59am
I will most likely be attending.

26 Jun 2015, 01:55am
Only if there are snacks.

26 Jun 2015, 01:57am
I'll do my best to to make it. I have "play minecraft" scheduled at that time but I'll see what I can do.

26 Jun 2015, 02:53am
Wish I could make it but thats when I am doing a show.

26 Jun 2015, 10:16am
No power=no WiFi and not paying ts to use their app.

Rip me

26 Jun 2015, 02:56pm
I should be there unless I end up being asleep at that time

Nuclear Onion
26 Jun 2015, 04:40pm
can't come cuz things

26 Jun 2015, 05:09pm
can't come cuz things

You're too late anyway.