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17 Jun 2015, 02:06am
'Twas the night before humpday, when all through the forum
Not a gamer was memeing, not even out of boredom;

The servers were running without strain or care
Awaiting shitters that would soon be there;

The memers were passed out resting in their beds
While memories of steal beams melted in their heads;

And Onion in his bed and I in my chair
Had just settled down to dream of waifus fair;

When out in the shoutbox came such a banter
I sprang up in my seat to check on the ranter.

Up the text went quick as a flash
The typing required must've been pure mash;

The glaring text was tinted piss yellow
And the words said were quite the show;

When not to my surprise was he
But R3tro being a damn shitty.

With a typer so fat, fingers and all
Not surprisingly the grammar was small;

The words he typed rapid and rushed
His face beyond the monitor no doubtfully flushed;

"For fuc sake Motox i will ban ye,
For i are not trueley a fatty.

Their will b consquence
For those spouting nonsense."

The yellow shapes continued rising
Needing much so a good revising;

And as R3tro continued to type
I for one could not handle my hype;

As I had noticed typing was he
One who lived so gloriously;

And as I looked up into the chat
I saw Pan confirming R3tro's fat.

His text breaking open the rant's doorhinge
with a color so bold, strong, and orange;

A roll of memes pan began to spout
Telling R3tro what was about;

His memes how dank they shined
R3tro's bitch ass how he whined;

Pan delivered a speech to behold
One that the meme prophets had foretold;

The end of the blunt held in my teeth
Could not keep covered the smile underneath;

For O Glorioso Lider had delivered
A speech so grand I shivered;

With Pan's blow so swift and precise
R3tro would now think twice;

Before denying his full waistband
Else risking a dispatch to wasteland;

And leaving naught but a meme
Did Pan leave the scene;

Opening up his CoD:GO client
With an e-peen so giant.

And then alongside I and R3tro now in pain
Onion spoke "Has anyone seen Black Rain?"

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