View Full Version : Memer of the Month Acceptance Speech Draft

14 May 2015, 01:22pm
*clear throat of dank*
Kwikscopers and M'Ladies,
As a proud trans-white single memer of 3 young dank maymays, I am proud to finally be accepted as the superior 1337 maymaylord.
I wood like 2 dank me skrublords peers for being shitty and getin fatty rekt by my MLG 360 maymaying.
Now i wood like 2 fok all ur mums xDD. fokin get jabbed rite in ur gabbers froffy fayggots. roflmao.
Re-meme-ber to smok crystal weed evrday and practice ur 360 bitch fuking.
Stay edgy me vanilla waifurs.
Wooper the White Dyke

Illerminaty is legun.
Ilerrimatee does not forgive.
Ilormuntie does not freget.
Expek Ilerminade.

14 May 2015, 01:29pm
ye thanks 4 fuckin triggering me u white cis scum shitlord

im a black transvestite otherkiin and a panromantic LOSER-IDIOT

as well as a virgo

i dont have children because they bring me down as a proud woman

check ur privilege shitlord

also my pronouns are bark/barkself