View Full Version : ArmA 3 Event?

Moo Moo Viking
6 Apr 2015, 01:37pm
So you people up for another ArmA 3 Event? soon?

6 Apr 2015, 01:51pm
Yes as long as you accept terrible players

6 Apr 2015, 07:16pm
Bork messaged me yesterday saying he will have some more free time again to create some more ArmA 3 events in the future. Try get in contact with him so he can keep you up-to-date, or he might even post it on the forums, not sure tho.

16 Apr 2015, 09:06pm
I would love to get in on some Arma 3 action!

19 Apr 2015, 01:44am
Since SG does not have a arma 3 server, contact me on steam.

Server uses mods and tries for a serious teamwork event each week when ever possibly.