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6 Apr 2015, 12:26pm
Arma 3 Military Guide by [HUSKY]Dimitry




4-Five .45 Pistol

The 4-five is a polymer framed semi-automatic handgun chambered in .45 ACP. It is NATOs heavy pistol and officer sidearm, it also sees heavy use with special force operatives for its high stopping power. Compared to the P07 it does more damage, however the .45 caliber round has less velocity compared to the 9x21mm IMI cartridge.


Gameplay wise: The best sidearm in Arma 3. It's stopping power and accuracy provides a extremely reliable handgun to quickly take down enemy opponents. Where others sidearms provide larger magazines and fire rates, The 4-Five .45, provides you just enough magazine rounds required to take down 5 opponents with one magazine! Provided you wont miss the head nor Chest area. The required amount of rounds from this pistol to put down a opponent wearing kevlar, is 2 bullets to head, or Lethal Chest area. Definitely a sidearm to consider for every scenario!

=Sniper Rifles=

M320 LRR Anti-Material Rifle

.408 Anti-Material Rifle in service with NATO Faction.


Gameplay wise: Calling this thing an Anti-Material rifle, would be like calling an dog a cat.! Everything it can do, the CSAT GM6 can do better. It's penetration ability is extremely lacking as it can't be loaded with APDS rounds like its CSAT Counter-part. Which in turn, deny it the ability to do what an Anti-Material rifle does, FIGHT ARMOUR! Compared to the GM6, it has an slower fire rate but makes up for this by adding 2 more rounds to your magazine. As this weapon lacks any real armour penetration and is lighter then the CSAT GM6, it should be used only in infantry skirmishes, as it allows you to fire 2 more rounds before a reload is required, and it's light weight allows you to move more freely.
If you can't get your hands on a GM6 or if you 120% know you wont be facing anything bigger then a civilian pick-up truck. It is advisable to use.

GM6 Lynx

12.7108 mm Anti-Materiel rifle in service with CSAT Faction


Gameplay wise: Best Anti-Material rifle in Arma 3. It's ability to use APDS rounds, allows it to instantly kill anyone inside a vehicle without thick Armour, such as Tigris AAA vehicles and IFV's. It features a higher rate of fire then its NATO counter-part, almost to the point of being a slow DMR Rifle! Without APDS rounds, it is like the NATO M320 LRR, limited to infantry fighting and taking out civilian graded vehicles. The beautiful thing about this baby tho, is its ability to fight or disable any armoured threats, from the tracks of a Battle Tank, to the vehicle crew of anything below Battle Tank graded Armour. This rifle is the definition of "Easy to learn, hard to master"

Ground Based Vehicles