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Extreme Potatoes
22 Mar 2015, 09:04pm
Request a Donation QuoteAre you TVL?
No How dank of a meme is this?
E p i k m e m e r d o g What quote would you like to see become a Donation Quote?
"I didn't realize it was that big, Bread" - Prez

23 Mar 2015, 02:43am
1/10 not gay enough

23 Mar 2015, 09:35am
i support this donation quote completely because it reflects extreme potatoes lifestyle on point

im talking about the "im a brony - extreme potatoes"

the original one is shit sorry friend

23 Mar 2015, 07:44pm
this is indeed a e p i k m e m e

23 Mar 2015, 10:16pm
e p i k d o g m e m e s