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10 Mar 2015, 03:38pm
Well, I've been working really hard on a Zombie escape map lately, So I made a point_servercommand to say, "door opening up in 5 seconds". And Then my hammer crashed. And every single time I try to open up my map, hammer automatically crashes. Can someone please help me with this? :mad2:

Black Rain
10 Mar 2015, 04:03pm
you should be able to have an autosave vmf file in the same folder location as your map's vmf. Try to see if that opens up in hammer and re-continue from there!

10 Mar 2015, 04:34pm
Sounds to me as though you have put an invalid character into the field. Certain characters will corrupt the .vmf file and then not allow you to open it going forward until it is removed.

Close down hammer and right click the .vmf and edit with Notepad++ and change the text that is being fired by the point_Servercommand to some plain text such as "hello". Save it then try to reopen the map in hammer.

10 Mar 2015, 05:14pm
Are you loading up auto-save that hammer tells you to, or .vmf file from open tab?
Auto saves are known to crash hammers.

11 Mar 2015, 07:05pm
I did everything, in notepad++, I even deleted the point_servercommand tool but when I try to load my map it just loads to 5% and crashes, I dont know what the hell to do

12 Mar 2015, 07:44am
Upload .vmf, for us to try?

12 Mar 2015, 02:05pm
Ok, here is the link

12 Mar 2015, 03:56pm
Here is the download (https://www.dropbox.com/s/4v5krxuoffx9k0h/dev_escape.rar?dl=0), I've deleted your point_clientcommand and every "say". NEVER put """"" into text, it confuses the engine. CorporalButts

12 Mar 2015, 06:15pm
Thank you guys for all of the response and thanks to Darnias, it is fixed so thanks :3