View Full Version : !hop plugin is back and working in csgo !

8 Mar 2015, 09:22am

It could help boost the mg population if we advertised it properly on ZE (including mg) and future servers, so people can join instantly.

8 Mar 2015, 11:13am
This could be good :D

Hell I'm still confused why our MG server advertises ZE, but not the other way around :P

8 Mar 2015, 12:24pm
it would be a smart idea to advertise the less populated server on the more populated one and a portal/hop feature makes it easy to change server because not everyone knows the ip of other servers.

8 Mar 2015, 01:15pm
It doesn't "actually" work on csgo. The !hop system as we know from css does not work in csgo at all (safety purposes actually). However, I could set up the bot method, but that would mean set the actual bot up...

8 Mar 2015, 03:34pm
Well the bot isn't the best idea tbh, we could use just default console or chat method or try connect box if it works. The most important thing is to show other server names + playercount, because not everyone knows we have mg server and even if it printed to console the ip it still helps

5 May 2015, 01:25pm
Well pretty brilliant idea if you could include something about raffle inside.

5 May 2015, 01:38pm
This is now running on the servers, the bot part hasn't been implemented though its just chat message and if you type !servers and go to connect it will print the connect IP into console.

5 May 2015, 01:56pm
Oh, I didn't know that lol

19 May 2015, 07:14pm
Paul Pan32 I have the bot 98% setup, just one error logging in I dont feel like playing with tonight - Have to get some real work done. If either of you wants to work on it with me/ once its done test it out on the servers let me know.

EDIT: Bot is now up and functioning! - Just need someone on the server side to integrate if you want to use it.