View Full Version : Buses from Hell spawn problem

Nuclear Onion
19 Feb 2015, 02:51pm
this map has somewhat of a problem balancing teams? I can't really explain it well, we had 8 people when changed to this map. The map allowed 2 people to go on T and 3 people to go CT. The rest of the people were kicked out because they weren't on a team?

We then forced people onto the CT team but as the map kept going it would balance the teams and put half on T and the other half on CT.

Assuming this is a map issue, can Bread or Octa look into it and see if they can fix this? If not, then the map may have to be taken off rotation.

19 Feb 2015, 02:58pm
Sigh, I thought I fixed this problem. It's most likely an issue with the server autoballance, and not the map itself. It's possible that its the map, but I encountered this issue earlier when original testing the server as well. I'll see what I can figure out

19 Feb 2015, 04:54pm
If it doesn't get fixed I can edit the map to force disable mp_autoteambalance, maybe some other tweaks that people would want.

19 Feb 2015, 06:03pm
It should be fixed now

25 Feb 2015, 03:11am
It should be fixed now

It still allows 2 people to go T where 3 people are CT making it an unfair advantage for the T