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Z3r0 M4ni4c
11 Feb 2015, 06:42am
Ok.... i'm been thinking about a lot of idea's and this is one of them.
I know 90% of peoples idea's are bad and 10% make it somehow.

So here was my idea to get it better for SG and maby make people more interested and active.
What about a Mapping Contest.
Who ever builds the best ZE map or MG or TTT or a Fun map can get a prize?

Or what about a plugin contest
That people make a good plugin for ZE or TTT or MG or a whole new mod?

Come on and get on with some idea's!

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If this idea would get worked out.
Maby people would donate to make a big price possible for persons that come with a good worked out map or plugin?
Could be a donation from $1 buck till the price you would donate?
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The last bit about donation i just thought about it an added it with the plugin or mapping contest post

12 Feb 2015, 11:34pm
I like this idea. Would be incentive for people to generate some unique content for us.

Alternatively we could always offer some kind of unique perk for people who create custom content for us. [Developer] or [Mapper] tags in the servers, that kind of thing.

Its an idea to build on, as far as an event I think we should see if we can get some interest in a competition-type event. Prizes can be discussed and I'll try to get back to this thread with an idea for some prizes. Obvious ones being money of some sort, perhaps others can be thought of?

Z3r0 M4ni4c
12 Feb 2015, 11:54pm
Thats one of the main reasons why i brought up this idea.
To get unique content for SG but also to get people involved into the community.

On the prizes side.
How about some expensive weapon skins , games, weapon cases.
In the what little prize category you could think of subscriber rank for a month or 3 months maby.
others care to join?

13 Feb 2015, 05:55am
Maybe also pay in credits(for the future store if we even get one)
Or subscriber for free which should last for some months?
Special badge.

13 Feb 2015, 03:46pm
Both good ideas.

We have some pressing matters to deal with right now at higher ranks, but events like these will be brought up at the next community meeting. (Saturday, Feb 21st)

I'll be sure to note it down to talk about.

13 Feb 2015, 06:48pm
I may have to attempt a TTT map.