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8 Jan 2015, 02:29pm
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Having trouble with Chrome the last few months where social media widgets won't show their respective tallies (or likes/retweets if you prefer). Below are two screenshots highlighting my problem. One being chrome which is broken, the other Firefox which is not.

Chrome: http://i.imgur.com/i1kFs3A.png
FF: http://i.imgur.com/KOWtaVk.png

Inb4 Foxnews, it was the easiest site to remember having the issue with but this happens with every site that shows the actual tallies.

Done what I've seen online already. Delete cache,cookies, scan for viruses, auto uninstall/reinstall, manual uninstall/reinstall. The results stay the same.

I have this under multiple issues because I also have problems loading videos (mostly html or news site that require previous versions of flash). None of these issues pertain to firefox though.

I'd like to avoid teamviewer but if someone can bring me through what the issue may be and how to fix it just respond here or come in SG teamspeak.

14 Jan 2015, 06:31am
If your signed into Google chrome with your account it will automatically restore everything. So uninstalling/'re installing does nothing if you login again. If this is the case for you then reinstall chrome but don't login(thus it won't install any add-ons either)
Close chrome and go to the start menu on wiWindows. Search for "%temp" open up that folder and delete all contents inside

14 Jan 2015, 07:52am
I don't know any solutions you couldn't have found on your own. But, honestly, I've been having a lot of issues with Chrome in general in the past couple months. I'm pretty sure it's nothing on my end, I've tried the stupid fixes and searching for other answers. I still use it mainly, but I've started to take my browsing towards Firefox until someone over at Google fixes something with it.

14 Jan 2015, 04:12pm
Tried it out for you. Have the same problem.
Using Firefox, I had the correct numbers and even showed small pictures of my friends that liked it.
Using Chrome, It had 0 likes and didn't show any picture either.

Closed all plugins (adblock, theme, some random toolbar) and that fixed it after closing it completely and restarting the browser.

Also read on multiple pages about the same topic that these social widgets get bugged all the time because Chrome is built to be fast, not for websites that have multiple plugins.

If it won't work, try firefox :/

14 Jan 2015, 05:36pm
I wouldn't be surprised if there is no easy fix, Chrome seems to have problems from time to time (like the one that killed all the sound in flash player until you reinstalled chrome). If you need it to work use FF as others have said or indeed IE11, both of which I have found to be more stable.