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1 Jan 2015, 10:39pm
Started working on a custom map for the SG server (if it's good enough). It's going to contain all of the classic things you see in a jail map:
- Cell block
- Solitary
- Medic/infirmary
- Kitchen/eating area
- Showers and laundry
- Outside area, including pool, soccer field, climb and other things
- A entrance (to make it seem like an actual jail) and a visitors area
- Watch towers outside and an environment AROUND the jail in which you can sort of interact with
- Armory and CT-only areas

Picture of the bare-bones layout so far:


I've only been working on it for about 25 minutes so I'm gonna keep posting updates as I go. :D

edit: theres no WIP tag so its not finished obviously hah

1 Jan 2015, 10:40pm
looks like a razor remake to me. shitlord

2 Jan 2015, 02:32am
Looks like a decent template, I'm not sure how far you've gotten up to but could your next post be the outlay of the map but with the areas marked?
As a side note, it looks more like the indoor portion of italia to me rather than razor. Just hope to have it that people can't camp outside area with awps each round, like they did on italia. That map also had a good exploratory function in it, so that might be interesting to try out!

Nuclear Onion
2 Jan 2015, 07:40am
The watch tower all around the map idea seems fine as long as you stay away from making it like the one in lego where you can only see one way through.

If you make it fair for ts to rebel of course, then this shouldn't be a bad map to play.

2 Jan 2015, 08:00am
Looking good so far, hope to see it continue :D

Although I thought we were getting rid of our PB server?

2 Jan 2015, 12:03pm
Don't forget to add some super sneaky secret vents and whatnot.