View Full Version : Vanilla 1.8.1

6 Dec 2014, 08:23am
If we had money, who would play completely vanilla minecraft 1.8.1 (because there is no bukkit and sponge is not ready). A cost of a small server would be something like 16 USD.

But what will become of the other MC?

I am currently still planning to work on it ( fixed a memory leak and added spleef, recently) as long as people donate towards it.

[0/44] USD

We could arrange a meeting to talk about Minecraft a bit more.

6 Dec 2014, 10:07am
I kind of stopped playing the other server because it wasn't 1.8, so I would definitely play if it was updated. A lot of stuff is different with the transition from 1.7 to 1.8

6 Dec 2014, 09:31pm
I will play

7 Dec 2014, 03:35pm
The only thing I'd REALLY miss is the /home, but yeah, I'd play

7 Dec 2014, 05:04pm
I would play a little at least.