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22 Nov 2014, 01:56am
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so i bought a used amd r9 290x from kijiji. was a good price so went for it. Been having some problems with it tho (seller is saying it was working fine with him), and that is screen tearing... so much of it. Its on youtube videos and video games. i put triple buffer vsync on for no effect. Half the time there is no screen tearing with vsync off but almost always with vsync on. Is this 100% issue with the gpu? or can it be my monitor, dvi cable or pci slot? Id test myself but no spare cable, hdd are blocking other pci slots and only 1 monitor. Although if there is a chance its one of these ill try to manage.

in advance thanks labarr

22 Nov 2014, 06:40am
You've pretty much figured it out already. Screen tearing is often either a bad cable or a bad GPU. Try with a HDMI or a different DVI cable (VGA is shit so don't bother unless you're desperate). If you still get screen tearing; you have bought a broken/overused/overheated GPU. <- That or it might have been damaged under shipping/transport.

22 Nov 2014, 11:26pm
I feel obligued to pos in here now :P

Anyways, alot of things go into screen tearing. (From what I have read up on.. since I havent dealt with it before - since I am a poor man) Also, im guessing kijiji is like criagslist?
1)Monitor refresh rate (u didn't state your monitor)
2)Output you are using on your GPU
3)The amoun of GPU power being used
4)Dying GPU

That being said, its hard for anyone to pinpoint exactly what the culprit is and a way to fix it. It also does not help you bought it off some guy, who I assume you didn't go check out the video card before the money exchange - so there is always the chance he can be lying to you about the card working fine.
Things I would try:
1) Update drives
2)Remove any settings on the card that may have been kept from the old user
3)Try a different cord(HDMi and DVI) - if you can (though this is rarley the problem)
4)Different monitor

I also suggest you google stuff about screen tearing and why it happens and what V-sync does. Because I could write a whole book about it based on what I read in about an hour lol.

But if it was me with this problem and I had nowhere to turn/test - I would call the seller a POS. and get a new card.