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16 Nov 2014, 05:31am
This thread will help with anything from mod installation, to technical problems.
If a issue or anything else you need help with isn't listed, leave a comment with information.

Conversions & Addons

When installing conversions, and addons, There are 3 ways to do it.

- First is the old command line way " -mod=@MP;@CBA_A3;@RecoilFix; " The -mod= tells the game to activate and launch any addons listed after the = , with the addons being folders in your main arma 3 starting with a @ symbol. So lets say we install ACE and the required component that comes with it. We then have a @ACE, @CBA and Userconfig folder. First two folders you put inside your main arma 3 folder, so they only need to be activated. Last folder called "Userconfig" isn't a addon, but game files that enables the addon to use its own keys or game mechanic. In the case of ACE, it allows you to bind a key to its advanced self interaction and Advanced interaction, while also allowing ACE Gas mask's to function against tear gas instead of just being a cosmetic item. So extract or drag, the downloaded userconfig into your main ARMA 3 folder, and voila.

Now open steam, go to your game list and right click ARMA 3. Go to bottom of the list and select PROPERTIES. On the first tab GENERAL, Select SET LAUNCH OPTIONS. Now remember the " -mod= "?, Put that into the launch options, copy the name of the folder in your arma 3 folder you want the game to start [Or you can type the exact name, but 80% of times people fuck that up, so let the computer handle the name] So you have " -mod=@ACE " Now to add more addons, you need to put a ; after @ACE, so it should look something like this " -mod=@ACE;@CBA " And you are done. Now you can keep going and going as long as you put a ; between each addon.

- 2nd way is to use the in-game EXPANSION option. When ever you put a @ folder inside your main ARMA 3 folder. The game recognizes it and allows you enable/disable them in-game [Requires a game restart each time you disable or enable anything from the EXPANSION tab.
This is a pretty easy and foolproof way to do it. but unlike LAUNCH OPTION way, you need to go inside the game every time you want to disable/enable something + having to restart. And once you start having +15 addons, it gets a little annoying having to find it all on the list, specially as some addons come with the weird names [ TNGUS is the name of a night vision addon ] now if you can memory that stuff every time you need to find out what is what, then you are gold. If not, have fun.

-3rd option is the third party option, but also in my opinion the best option. Download a program called PLAYWITHSIX (http://play.withsix.com/)
This amazing little program act as a advanced STEAM WORKSHOP but isn't limited by a max file size, allows you to make COLLECTIONS which tells the game what mods it will activate once the game start, Allows you to download Conversions easily in one go instead of having to download everything seperately. and best of all, every mod you can download from SIX, is always up to date and no harder then a drag into COLLECTION tab to play with it. It used to be rocket science to use this launcher, but now it is so user friendly, my dog can use it without trouble. STRONGLY RECOMMEND THIS.