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12 Nov 2014, 08:41am
Sup fuckboys,

I'm planning on attempting to host an ArmA 3 CO-OP event this Saturday. The mission will be either Patrol Ops or Enemy Assault, both of which are a sort of sandbox, random mission generator. I wanted to take a bit of a headcount before Saturday to know how many people to expect and will either tomorrow, or Friday, be posting a link to the required downloads and instructions on how to use them. Also, I will NOT be running the squad as I usually have. You guys can decide who to elect as a non fuckboy to direct the mission on the ground. I'll be flying infil/exfil and occasional air support as needed. A few ground rules for Saturday:

1) No fuckery. Meaning no spawn killing and outright autistic behavior. I will not hesitate to kick/ban and even shut the server down if it gets to a certain level of annoyance. Don't screw it up for others.

2) Must have the required downloads that I will be posting soon. If you don't download them, you risk screwing up the game for everyone else.

3) No grabbing random vehicles in spawn just because they're there. This ALWAYS leads to autism. Instakick.

4) No ghillie-suit wearing, solo-Rambo sniper fags. Instakick. I don't mind using some sort of DMR or stacking a long-range scope on your rifle. Just don't be a queer. Going solo doesn't contribute anything to the game or your squad. Be a team-player.

5) Have fun.


1) Try to have enough ammo. Riflemen should be carrying somewhere between 8-12 mags, depending on their equipment loadout. Machinegunners should have around 3-5 boxes. If you have an underslung GL, try to get somewhere in the ball park of 8-12 HE rounds. If carrying AA/AT, 2-4 rockets of that type. Also a sidearm and 2-3 magazines. You will have loads of room for extra stuff, but this is just a minimum (imo). Ammo can be dropped in by mua if needed.

2) Work out classes/roles with your squad. You won't need a whole squad of AT or AA. A few riflemen, a GL or 2, a medic, machinegunner, an AT or 2 and an AA. Pretty simple. Keeps you capable of handling most threats.

3) Use the advanced stances when behind cover. They help tons. I can host a server one of these days to show new players how to play if they want, just let me know.

4) Don't go in guns blazing. AI actually communicates with one another and will call in reinforcements if available. Coordinate strikes and take down multiple hostiles at the same time, as some of us have done in the past in those escape missions.

5) Remember the other gear that you'll need:

Backpack to carry all this extra stuff.
Smoke grenades. Green/Red/White. Used for cover and establishing positions of friendlies/hostiles for infil/exfil/air strikes.
Hand grenades.
Laserdesignator and batteries. Only one person should really be carrying this.
NVGs, incase it's dark out, duh.
Can't remember anymore off-hand.

It's really not as serious as it sounds. It's just always the same type of fuckery that screws up the fun/experience of playing the game and I want to try and avoid it at all costs. So, if you own the game and can actually run it (not like Neptune, who's computer is made out of papayas), sign up and give it a go. Will be keeping an eye on this and updating once updates become available. I de captain nao.

Capt. Bowk

*Current Roster*


12 Nov 2014, 09:01am
lt. scrubtoaster repotin in. u wnt gud skwad ldr i ur man; hmu on steam <3

12 Nov 2014, 09:04am
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12 Nov 2014, 10:41am

12 Nov 2014, 03:09pm
big boi gunna reporting for pooty

13 Nov 2014, 03:57pm
i am going to be participating in this SHITTY thing

cause im an operator

13 Nov 2014, 04:11pm

14 Nov 2014, 05:28am
First post updated with addons link at the bottom, retards.

15 Nov 2014, 04:38pm
Moved to tomorrow, Sunday Nov 15

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Moved to tomorrow, Sunday Nov 15


15 Nov 2014, 05:52pm
What time?

15 Nov 2014, 07:05pm
Around 1-2pm EST

16 Nov 2014, 05:34pm
highlight of the entire event http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/34103307139237263/46A1F150127498110D88F9C34CC95E8D6E726FFD/