View Full Version : Arma 3 Event [13th Weekend Event]

10 Sep 2014, 02:31am
Welcome to Arma 3 Event Weekend

Operation Bastet


Operation Bastet information & requirements

Arma 3

Ability to work as a team

Can actually show up at given date

-Event is due to start at 13th this weekend, time will most likely be around 21:00 GMT+1-

Also do please inform me if you have signed up to join, but is prevented from attending at some point.
Nothing is more annoying then spending a lot of time setting up the mission only for 2 guys to attend, when 6 people signed up for the event.

Players attending



10 Sep 2014, 08:45am
Too bad I have to be out of town on the 13th :(

10 Sep 2014, 08:51am
yo watsup, i want to eliminate kebab wer do i sin

10 Sep 2014, 03:33pm
What time is that in real time and how long is the event?