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1 Sep 2014, 09:21am
So...I was thinking that we should get together one Friday or Saturday and play some Planetside 2. Of course we would need to

1. Find a squad/platoon leader with a microphone. Anyone who is interested should let me know- no leadership experience required but I would like for the person to actually have played the game. ( basically if you know at least 1 continent by memory then you are good enough)

2. Pick a server and faction (this will probably be random, will probably draw those from a hat or something).



Yes, 200 and even 300+ battles do happen in this game.

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1 Sep 2014, 09:45am
Most of us played it last month but we didn't have enough people. We should try it again though.

1 Sep 2014, 11:35am
Played it, teammate is a douche, die by kamikaze on tower

1 Sep 2014, 08:38pm
We can try it out. Invite all our friends for a little get-together.

Perfect way to bond as a community!

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3 Sep 2014, 08:38pm
looks cool as fuck

bom teach me how to play

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3 Sep 2014, 11:17pm
I'm down for this, count me in

6 Sep 2014, 08:21am
You all prob suck massive camel diyuk at the video games, but on the off chance you guys do actually get a group going, we had a few people playing already.

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12 Sep 2014, 02:48am
I used to play the hell out of Planetside before SOE ruined it but Planetside 2 has been a piece of shit from the start. The progression is garbage, the class system breaks large scale strategy, balance even worse than the original, and gameplay is dysfunctional to the point of people popping in/out of visibility mere meters away and any meaningful strategy being nonexistent.

Unless they completely reworked the entire game from the ground up sometime since launch I'd say put a bullet in it and let it die.