View Full Version : Faction Creation

9 Aug 2014, 11:46pm
Why was the function removed? in original map anyone could make a faction now its choose a dead pulic faction or have none please let anyone create a faction or maybe supporter or higher only? idk i really want this function back so i can have a fac with only friends and not just anybody.

9 Aug 2014, 11:58pm
This has been discussed, and similar ideas were brought up between me and silent. I can tell you that the whole piles of random factions with only your friends works about just as well as the faction system currently.

Pay attention for future posts on the matter.

16 Aug 2014, 04:15am
Faction creation will probably cost something like 1000 ingame currency. I just need to get votifier to work (which has shows to be more difficult than I expected) and once that is done I will give you guys a rundown of how to obtain currency and how to operate some of the new plugins.

Edit: votifier is installed but there are some problems with the server resource usage which means I can't advertise until I fix it. Simply because the server would crash with people joining. Of couse I am not going to stop you from joining : you can create factions (1000 currency to create, 100 to claim land) , use grandexchange to sell and buy items, look for phatloot chests. The only problem is that you only start with 300$ and the only way to get money is to trade or vote BUT to get new money into the system people must vote (which I cant set up yet as I have stated).