View Full Version : The Forestia Republic

29 Jun 2014, 07:12pm
Greetings fellow Minecrafters!

The Forestia Republic is looking for members to join its ranks and create one of the finest factions on the server. All new members are guaranteed a starting kit of tools and blocks to create their own home. We have a mine, farms, and plenty of space for you to call home. Join today!

Edit: Once things are going, I'll create a more proper thread with pics and our flag.

3 Jul 2014, 05:38am
Time for some motherfucking freedom.

19 Sep 2014, 04:18am
I am resurrecting the Forestia faction because I went there and thought it was cool. I started a base and Elemental told me I should make a faction because it had been disbanded. Lemme know if anyone wants to join! It's a sweet area. I am kind of a noob to the faction thing so hopefully I did it right lol