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7 Jun 2013, 09:12am
Hey guys!

I've been wanting to grab Minecraft for a while now.

Im wanting to sell Portal 2 and 25 Copies of DOTA 2 for a Gift code for Minecraft.

Hopefully someone can fufill this deal and get me my long awaited joy :)


7 Jun 2013, 10:34am
Just saying should have been under Classifieds-Wanted (http://www.steamgamers.com/forum/wanted/)

I wouldn't say worth it, Portal 2 retails at 19.95 and everyone has Dota 2. Minecraft is like 27 bucks.

7 Jun 2013, 11:03am
Minecraft is only about 3 more expensive here in the UK, maybe someone will trade Minecraft for Portal 2, maybe try the trading forums on the Steam forum