View Full Version : Bob Loblaw wants SC 2 - WoL

Bob Loblaw
17 Mar 2013, 06:36pm
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SC 2 - WoL Item Description
It was on sale for $20 a couple days ago, and I thought about buying it, but then I forgot shortly after and it's not on sale anymore.

If anyone (for whatever reason) has a fresh copy of WoL and are looking to sell it for $20 I'll buy it.

I can still buy both WoL + HotS for $60 (and I might do it), if for whatever reason someone bought both and changed their mind I'll buy them for $50.

I'm not particularly expecting anyone to have it, but I figured I'd put it out there, and decide if I want to buy both (I kind of wanted to just buy WoL and decide on HotS later, but WoL isn't on sale anymore lol-woops).

I'll pay via paypal btw. Price?
$20 -WoL / $50 -Both