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21 Jul 2010, 05:12pm
Just wondering if anyone has read any of Warhammer or Warhammer 40k books or onimbuses, i've read the following omnibuses, (if you don't know what an omnibus is, it's three books in one giant tome)
1. Eisenhorn
2. Ravenor
3. Mathias Thulman
4. Malus Darkblade (1st)
5. Malus Darkblade (2nd)
6. Brunner, The Bounty Hunter
7. Let the Galaxy Burn
8. Vampire Wars
9. Gotrek and Felix (1st)
10. Gotrek and Felix (2nd)
11. Gotrek and Felix (3rd)
12. Ultramarines
13. Space Wolves (1st)
14. Space Wolves (2nd)

how about you?

21 Jul 2010, 06:20pm
Ultramarine Omnibus, Gaunts Ghosts

21 Jul 2010, 10:25pm
is Gaunts Ghosts a good series? cause i know there's like 3 omnibuses but i can't bring myself to buy them because after reading the space marine books, the imperial guard seem like total weaksauce lol

Bilbo Baggins
21 Jul 2010, 10:33pm
seeing as I'm going to the book store tomorrow anyway whats a good starting point for warhammer 40k?

22 Jul 2010, 02:26am
seeing as I'm going to the book store tomorrow anyway whats a good starting point for warhammer 40k?

For starting, Read Horus Hersey.. forgot to mention that one lol.

The Horus Hersey books starts out before Horus betrays the Emperor and splits the Imperium, so it's a great series to start with.

Gaunts Ghosts is awesome, i've only read First and Only so far (Shitty library), but i already love it.

The Ultramarine series is awesome.

22 Jul 2010, 10:01am
yea i really liked ultramarines, but the first 40k book i read was Let the Galazy Burn, it's a bunch of short stories that kinda get you into it i guess, then the second one i read was Eisenhorn, and that was freaking amazing! That's the one book i recommend to anyone, it's really sweet

Bilbo Baggins
24 Jul 2010, 01:50pm
So Horus Rising was kind of a good book, so I guess I've found another series of books thats going to endanger my wallet.

24 Jul 2010, 08:45pm
read Eisenhorn :D

24 Jul 2010, 08:50pm
I own and have read: Space Wolfs 1, Salamanders, Storm of Iron, and Lord of the Night.

(All 40k books)

24 Jul 2010, 10:10pm
how's salamanders?

25 Jul 2010, 04:32pm
Its pretty good, itd probably be better if I was in any way into the Salamanders chapter =/

25 Jul 2010, 09:41pm
lol yea probably