View Full Version : Zealot wants mw1 gift

25 Apr 2010, 06:56am
What are you looking to buy?
Cod4: Modern Warfare
Item Description
Weekend deal item off steam as a gift. I only have roughly $7.50 USD atm in my paypal but am getting more money in 6-8 business days. I will pay what I have now and pay the other part when I get the money.
Price? $15 USD

Paypal payment, trustworthy person plox.

22 May 2010, 06:51pm
paul deleted my post for sum reason. paul if u delete it again and tell me why i won't repost it. but anyways, if paul allows me to lol i will do it.

23 May 2010, 10:12am
Its most likely because this was posted over a month ago and the deal is no longer going :(.

23 May 2010, 10:26am