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5 Aug 2009, 10:25pm

Only one 4 letter word can describe this game, no it's no Epic, it's not Good. IT'S CRAP! KAY ARE A PEE!

Okay lets start with the beginning of this game. You find yourself being strolled through a hospital, and you see death, blood, what not. Going through, you get up, find your brother, pick up his Drawing then BAM! Achievement [Obtain 1 Drawing]. Blah blah blah get a photo, ANOTHER ACHIEVEMENT! [Obtain 1 Photo]. Oh hey a knife! Lets take it from the mirror. Oh shit the knife was magicz and caused a bloody nurse to stab me repeatably, until I killed her, then I got an achievement. [Kill 1 Nurse] Going through, kill a Swarm (Which have an urge to rape the side of your face...) get Achievement. [Kill 1 Swarm]

Now then you wake up after a while and find yourself in, guess where... [Not Silent Hill] Shepherds Glen. I know... WTF does this have to do with Silent Hill... Go meet your mom, apparently, Dad, your little brother, Josh, and the whole town, has gone missing. Your mom is insane, you go in the basement, kill another monster called a Lurker. Kill it: YAY!! Another Achievement! [Kill 1 Lurker] Okay then. Moving on... Have to pump water out of the basement so you can open a door. SKIPPING Get a Steel Pipe. You come back turn on the pump go outside you your backyard.......... Seriously? Why did you go through so much trouble when you could hop over a fence or wall or something.... Now then we enter a Cemetary after leaving the backyard. And DOGS! Kill it, Achievement [Kill 1 Feral] yay..... Yadda Yadda Yadda skipping all this crap... Get a Pistol (No achievement) as you walk off you have to kill a Smog, kill it Achievement [Kill 1 Smog] Later on... Oh, I've been knocked unconcious and appear at Silent Hill.

Chase down your brother into this hotel, help a woman get her memories back (Postcards). As you walk back to give her her 'Memories' fight a new monster that I call Crotch Face (His head is where his crotch is) Kill it. [Kill 1 Needler] MOVING ON! You see Pyramid Head for the first time! No you don't fight him. Give her the postcards, she gives you a key, open a hidden door, find your brother. Alex Shepherd cant jump across a small hole in the floor so he falls... Face a Boss... easy if you know what your doing.
Shoot the Body Bags. It take 3 Shots per Bag to kill them, then after he is on the ground dodge his attacks and attack his arm, then his head, do this twice and he dies.
Achievement Unlocked [Six Feet Under]

Wake up, your in Shepherds Glen again, but in a jail, Deputy Wheeler lets you out, you guys go and try to get to a parking lot, stopped by Schisms. Kill 1, Achievement [Kill 1 Schism] Going on, get your gear, you guys get split up, you go on ahead, find Elle again, fight a somewhat difficult enemy Kill it get [Kill 1 Siam], moving on through the sewers now. Nothing new here, go through Fight Enemies. Get out, find Dr. Fitch, Fall unconcious wake up in some place. YADDA YADDA FUCKING YADDA! REPETITIVE. I stopped here, I might pick it back up, highly doubtful I however:

Hate how Alex sucks so bad at life.
Wish Alex would Die in a Fire.
Hope Alex Dies at the end of this game.
-Whenever you try to dodge, he chooses the direction, INTO THE ENEMY!.
-You cant hit shit with the Axe or Pipe, but you can hit EVERYthing with the knife....
-Why wouldn't it be simple enough for some objectives you simply, climb a fence, or hop over a truck blocking a road.
-The storyline, what happened to the girl from the other games!
-The Smogs... Whenever I see 1, I have no ammo, so I waste so much health by attacking with melee weapons.
-How the game went from Scary as Fuck to "I hate this game I'm trading it in tomorrow."
-I've only had it for 2 days and I want to give it back to Gamestop.
-The Nurses attack so fast you can't even dodge.
-How much ammunition there is, practically NONE.
-Whenever I try to shoot my pistol it doesn't shoot, it wont fire, then it works after I've pressed the Right Trigger so many times, Oh good bye ammo, you were wasted on a wall.
-How funny it is to see a Swarm rape the side of my face as I walk through the halls.
-How easy the Achievements are.
-The way Nurses walk.
-The design of most monsters.
-They took a perfectly awesome game series and screwed it over with Alex Shepherd.
-The game I pre-ordered as I was down at Gamestop. [Modern Warfare 2]

Okay so Here is MY rating for it.
People: 8/10
Enviroment: 1/10
=Gameplay 3/10
=Weapons (nothing new really) 6/10
=Scare Factor
Near beginning: 11/10
After Boss encounter: -11/10
=Music (added to the scare, kinda sounded really good) 9/10
Notes: Save your money and move on.

5 Aug 2009, 10:38pm
I've heard it's reaally shitty. Are the controls fucked up as well?

2 Dwarves, 1 Coat
6 Aug 2009, 04:27am
Who's the girl from the old ones? There is a new protagonist in each game (Except the new Silent Hill:

Shattered Memories, a rehash of SH 1 with a different storyline and an AI director on the Wii).

I played through this game because I've always been a hardcore Silent Hill fan, but this I found a

disappointment. Broken mechanics aren't the only problem, 99.9% of the story are crammed into the end of

the game, until then you chase around Joshua and pass out over and over. It has a nice twist, as all

Silent Hill games, but Silent Hill games have always been story driven. I never minded having combat take a

backseat to story, but it seems as if trying to equally display both of them was a mistake in the hands

of developer Double Helix. Silent Hill 2 remains king in my book, it had the best story, and set the

psychological twist precedent for the later games. I wish Team Silent were still making games like the

originals, too bad they disbanded.


6 Aug 2009, 05:35am
I got the fucking UFO ending....THE FUCKING UFO ENDING.

6 Aug 2009, 12:08pm
I've heard it's reaally shitty. Are the controls fucked up as well?

Move = Left Stick
Camera Control = Right Stick
First Person View = Right Stick (click)
Toggle Flashlight = Up (D-Pad)
Investigate = A
Fast Attack = A [In Combat Stance]
Strong Attack = X [In Combat Stance]
Defense = B
Map(s) = Y
Inventory Wheel = Left Bumper
Weapons Wheel = Right Bumper
Combat Stance = [HOLD] Left Trigger
Fire Weapons = Right Trigger [In Combat Stance]
Reload = X